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Six B2B Website Design Predictions for 2014

Explore the key B2B web design trends for 2014

Happy new year from everyone at AG! 2014 is here and technology continues to develop at an ever accelerating pace. As a result, B2B firms are under increasing pressure to keep their websites up to date and relevant.

Blogging for B2B Lead Generation: Be All You Can Be

Lead generation should be one of your main blogging goals

OK, so your B2B blog is up and running (if it isn't, start here). You've published a few entries, gained some readers and started to share your posts via social media channels.

Content is King, Email is Dead and 3 Other Myths of Content Marketing

Content marketing myths continue to confuse and mislead B2B companies

As the end of the year draws closer, digital marketers are busy putting off their Christmas shopping and predicting the key trends that will shape the next 12 months (we've indulged in our own future-gazing here). Of course, different people have different ideas about how the world of content will develop in 2014, but the experts generally agree on a few points: an even greater number of businesses will want a piece of the action, which means investment in content marketing will increase once again and more content specialists will be hired.

How Do You Start a B2B Blog?

Starting a B2B blog shouldn't be a headache

If you're serious about growing your business online and using a website to generate leads, then blogging is a must, not a maybe. It's the most effective strategy for sending inbound traffic in your direction, and also provides an opportunity to turn those visitors into leads.

Why Use Social Media Marketing Campaigns in 2014?

Use of B2B social media will grow in 2014

And some B2B social marketing predictions for the year ahead…

Why use social media marketing at all?  It's likely a question you'll hear in the upper echelons of your business; a fair suggestion for high-level company leaders to make. After all, their only real exposure to social media is the plethora of celebrity slip-ups and consumer nightmares they've read about in the press. Of course, you know the benefits of social media, and it frustrates you that your cries for a simple, uncomplicated approach to the medium fall on deaf ears…

How to create B2B marketing messages that generate more online leads

B2B marketing messaging

New research from McKinsey has found there is an "apparent divergence between the core messages companies communicate about their brands and the characteristics that customers value most".

After the Avalanche: 5 B2B Content Marketing Trends for 2014

Content marketing tactics will continue to evolve in 2014

The birth of Prince George, the horse meat scandal, Miley Cyrus - 2013 will be remembered for many things. It may also go down in history as the year content marketing truly arrived. Over the last 12 months, we've seen the production, distribution and discussion of content become the go-to method for businesses that want to grow brand awareness, encourage customer loyalty and establish leadership.

Is your marketing spend working hard enough? A CEO's checklist

magnetIn coversation with a group of CEOs at a recent event, most admitted that they are not at all sure what marketing should be doing - or how they should measure its results. My answer is: "Your marketing should be helping your business to grow"

To make sure that your marketing is well placed to do just that, here are five questions CEOs should be asking themselves or their Head of Marketing:

7 B2B Content Marketing Trends - and Lessons - of 2013

7 trends

It's important to benchmark any activity and we like to see how our expeiences working with B2B clients to develop their content marketing strategies fits with those of the wider B2B community. B2B Marketing's UK-based Content Marketing Benchmark Report (CMBR) and the Content Marketing Trends Report (CMTR) in the US are both great sources of up to date information. Here is our take on the seven most important B2B content marketing trends, together with some observations on the implications for your business:

Warning: Business blogging is a waste of time and money:


And giving away your hard-won knowledge and expertise is just plain silly.

So said one of the panellists in a discussion I chaired recently at the inaugural and excellent Professional Copywriters Network Conference in London. Business blogging was put under a very searching spotlight and found wanting by at least two of the four professional copywriters on the panel.

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