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How NOT to Succeed with Inbound Marketing

How NOT to Succeed with Inbound Marketing resized 600

Or… Six things we've learned the hard way

There are many things you must do to achieve inbound marketing success. In the two years since we became a HubSpot Partner and inbound marketing agency, we've found there are also several things you must never do. So before we head off to Boston for Inbound 2014, here are the most important lessons we've learned:

Why Content Marketing is the Answer as Google removes Exact Match

Content Marketing is the answer as Google Adwords removes Exact Match

Starting later this month, Google will remove exact match keywords from its search system. What does this actually mean? Well in simple terms, it means your ad could be displayed in response to search queries that are similar to the ones you've paid for in your campaign. It used to be the case that you could opt out of these variants triggering your ad, but no more.

Gamification: Take Your B2B Marketing to the Next Level

Games make great inbound marketing tools

Gamification, simply put, is the use of gaming principles and strategies in a non-game context. It's intended to give potential customers a fun way to engage with a brand while offering some type of incentive to influence their behaviour.

Axon Garside Makes the Cut for 2014 B2B Marketing Awards

B2B Awards 2014

The B2B Marketing Awards shortlist has been released and we’re proud to be nominated in the best website category.

HubSpot COS: Five Key Benefits

We look at five reasons to build your site with HubSpot's COS

During HubSpot's Inbound 2013 conference in Boston came the announcement of the brand new COS (content optimisation system) - a mobile-optimised, out-of-the-box content management system. Nearly one year on and with the countdown to Inbound 2014 well underway, we thought it a good time to discuss why Axon Garside, and our clients, have really taken to this new platform.

B2B Web Design: Is Above the Fold a Myth?

What does above the fold mean for today's B2B websites?

Historically, "above the fold" refers to the upper half of a newspaper's front page, where the top news story and photograph are typically located.

10 Tips for the Perfect Inbound Landing Page

10 tips to the perfect inbound landing page

Landing pages should be at the centre of any good inbound marketing campaign, but for them to truly work, they have to look the part. Converting visitors into leads is no mean feat, even when using landing pages. You'll need to consider quite a few things to avoid a crash landing, so here's our ten-step guide to getting it right..

B2B Web Design Trends: 1994 vs 2014

Web design has come a long way in 20 years

Here's one we dug out from the AG archives...

It's 1994, several people have computers and the World Wide Web recently opened its doors. There are literally hundreds of "websites" out there, with more being added every week. It's possible to make money, but unfortunately nobody trusts the "Web" enough to actually buy anything through it. Let's assume it takes off one day though, and people actually start making transactions (I know, I know). You need to make sure you’re ready for business. So here are our top web design tips for 1994!

(We'll also take a look at how things have changed in the 20 years since this article was written).

Five B2B Website Design Trends for Summer 2014

summer design trends

We're almost halfway through 2014 already! Back in January, we made our top six predictions for B2B website design this year. It's time to check in on what's happened so far in the world of web design and consider what we can expect as 2015 draws closer.

Axon Garside Shortlisted for 2014 Big Chip Awards with Kahootz Inbound Marketing

big chip 2014

The Big Chip Awards are the biggest digital awards outside London, the longest running in the UK, and a great industry-run platform for all things digital - from mobile apps to social media, animation to websites, digital brand to cloud software. And we’ve just been shortlisted for an award!

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