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Ian is the MD at Axon Garside and has been practising in the art of inbound and HubSpot sales for over 4 years.

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What is the best B2B marketing strategy in times of uncertainty?

Posted by Ian Guiver 12-Dec-2016 16:49:27


One of the biggest lessons that we learned from the recent UK referendum and US election results is that we certainly live in unpredictable times. While foreseeing the future is impossible, creating a strong and effective B2B marketing strategy in times of uncertainty is certainly achievable, and could prove to be one of the best ways to fight against difficult financial periods.

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Content marketing vs inbound marketing: What’s the difference?

Posted by Ian Guiver 07-Jun-2016 14:27:08

If you don’t understand the difference between content marketing and inbound marketing, don’t worry - you’re not alone. Copy the two terms into Google, and you’ll see all the signs of a well-worn debate with little in the way of consensus (and perhaps a hint of self-interest from some parties, too).

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5 marketing opportunities for IT resellers in 2016

Posted by Ian Guiver 04-May-2016 17:12:15

IT reseller and services companies are facing a rapidly changing sales and marketing landscape that presents professional marketers and sales leaders with some clear challenges - and opportunities in 2016. This blog looks at five of the biggest and how inbound marketing has the potential to overcome them.

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Solution selling is dead. Long live inbound sales

Posted by Ian Guiver 11-Apr-2016 15:13:37

This week HubSpot announced the launch of its free inbound sales training courses. So what is inbound sales and can it really have replaced a methodology that has built the careers of so many of today’s most successful sales directors?

Let’s take a brief look at the context first.


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Why sales directors love an inbound marketing agency

Posted by Ian Guiver 08-Apr-2016 16:44:40

It is no coincidence that as an inbound marketing agency most of our leads and enquiries come from sales managers and directors.

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B2B Content Marketing: Agency or In-House?

Posted by Ian Guiver 23-Sep-2015 10:00:00

Should marketers execute their B2B content marketing through an external agency or in-house? It’s a debate as old as time itself (while not quite, but you get the idea). There are strong arguments for both choices. With in-house, you are in complete control of your messaging, branding and content marketing strategy – which can be great or catastrophic, depending on your team’s ability and experience.

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Inbound15: 5 Inbound Marketing Takeaways for B2B Tech Companies

Posted by Ian Guiver 18-Sep-2015 10:00:00

We’re proud to be a gold tier HubSpot inbound marketing partner, and last week only served to boost our enthusiasm. If you missed out on visiting Boston for the now enormous Inbound conference, here's some of the great stuff that I heard:

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7 B2B Content Marketing Tips from Inbound15

Posted by Ian Guiver 16-Sep-2015 10:14:50

Inbound15 reflected the way in which HubSpot, and inbound marketing more broadly, continues to grow at an amazing speed. Apart from there being far more content at the conference than any visitor can possibly cover (well over 200 sessions this year), there was also plenty of advice given on content marketing

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How to Choose the Perfect B2B Digital Marketing Agency

Posted by Ian Guiver 04-Aug-2015 09:42:17

Any business operating in the B2B space will have realised the need for an effective digital marketing strategy. However, lack of employees, expertise and time can make marketing in-house unfeasible in some circumstances. It’s therefore no surprise that many B2B businesses choose to outsource their marketing to an agency.

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