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What’s the exit strategy from the HubSpot CMS COS?

Posted by Paul Marshall 06-Dec-2016 08:00:00

They say nothing last forever, and that’s often true of people’s relationships with their CMS’s. It’s not you it’s me, people change, things change, feelings change… Ahem, anyway a new site often means people want to ditch their current CMS in place of something new and sparkly. But how deep into system are you stuck? Maybe you bought matching cutlery together...

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HubSpot COS Inbound marketing website design vs traditional web design

Posted by Paul Marshall 29-Nov-2016 08:00:00

The traditional way of designing a website no longer works. This is according to HubSpot themselves, who point out that growth driven design of a website, where you extend and refine the site as you go along rather than launching a behemoth of a completed project from the get go which you just then leave out in the world until the next re-design, is a much better way to go.

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5 reasons why your whole website should be built in HubSpot COS

Posted by Paul Marshall 18-Nov-2016 11:00:00

It’s perfectly possible to create a hybrid website where your blog and landing pages live in HubSpot, and your main site lives somewhere else like WordPress. In the past this has been a popular setup for a lot of companies adopting HubSpot. A blog and landing pages tend to be new elements to the site, and they can be brought online alongside an existing site with little disruption to the main site. Even if you had a blog on WordPress beforehand, there’s an excellent import tool in HubSpot to transfer them all in so you don’t have to do it manually. But there’s still a disconnect between the 2 systems, here’s a list of reasons why if you’re going to do things properly with your online marketing, you really need the entire site developed in COS.

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Does HubSpot COS limit creative design

Posted by Paul Marshall 11-Nov-2016 14:00:00

In our experience companies have a cornucopia of setups when it comes to how they’ve evolved during the lifetime of their online marketing. We know lot of teams have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating leads online, whilst others have never considered the potential of using the web for sales and marketing.

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Is HubSpot COS worth the money?

Posted by Paul Marshall 03-Nov-2016 15:12:00

On top of the standard HubSpot fee, you’ll be expected to pay an additional £140 for the COS or website pages system on top of that to have your main site in HubSpot. Whichever way you cut it, that’s an expense that a lot of companies have and can continue to avoid using alternative options such as a self hosted WordPress setup. Side by side however, is the cost implication that different?

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What are HubSpot COS smart CTAs and why do I need them?

Posted by Paul Marshall 25-Oct-2016 15:36:00

"We looked at the data for more than 93,000 calls to action created using HubSpot over a 12 month period. What did we find? Calls-to-action targeted to the user performed 42% better than calls to action that were generic.”

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How does HubSpot COS increase website leads and conversion rates?

Posted by Paul Marshall 18-Oct-2016 15:50:00

There are two stages to consider when it comes to generating business from your website. The first is getting people onto that website and the second is actually getting them to convert into customers when they’re there.

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Great Examples of HubSpot COS website design

Posted by Paul Marshall 11-Oct-2016 16:40:00

There’s an awful lot of badly designed HubSpot COS sites out there. I say designed, I think a lot have come into existence without anyone with even a notion of aesthetics taking even a cursory glance at them, so I’m here to redress the balance by highlighting some absolute belters that have some serious serious TLC ploughed into them.

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How easy is it to use HubSpot COS?

Posted by Paul Marshall 04-Oct-2016 16:07:00

HubSpot COS system is a very different content management system from other content management systems. Its main purpose in life is to allow the creation and editing of website pages quickly and easily. And that doesn’t mean by designers and developers.

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