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Take it from an agency: inbound marketing might not work for you

Posted by Jack Williams 07-Oct-2016 14:42:59

As an inbound marketing agency, we have quickly come to realise that inbound doesn’t work for everyone. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, there are a number of considerations and commitments every organisation needs to make when signing up to any form of long-term marketing plan, and inbound is no exception.

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4 Trends That Will Drive Your B2B Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2015

Posted by Matt Duxbury 27-Dec-2014 10:43:00

The new year holds a lot of promise for the digital marketing industry. More than half of companies are set to increase their marketing budgets by an average of 17% in 2015 (according to Gartner) and even Lord Sugar has decided to get in on the act. Although Mark Wright's plan for an SEO-focused agency has already attracted criticism from industry insiders, his triumph on The Apprentice at least serves to highlight the plentiful opportunities that still exist in the digital marketing space.

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Gamification: Take Your B2B Marketing to the Next Level

Posted by Gary Thompson 15-Aug-2014 09:54:00

Gamification, simply put, is the use of gaming principles and strategies in a non-game context. It's intended to give potential customers a fun way to engage with a brand while offering some type of incentive to influence their behaviour.

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AG Shortlisted for 2014 Big Chip Awards with Kahootz Inbound Marketing

Posted by Alice Robinson 01-May-2014 21:49:00

The Big Chip Awards are the biggest digital awards outside London, the longest running in the UK, and a great industry-run platform for all things digital - from mobile apps to social media, animation to websites, digital brand to cloud software. And we’ve just been shortlisted for an award!

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Why Use Social Media Marketing Campaigns in 2014?

Posted by Michael Thornton 26-Nov-2013 16:15:00

And some B2B social marketing predictions for the year ahead…

Why use social media marketing at all? It's likely a question you'll hear in the upper echelons of your business; a fair suggestion for high-level company leaders to make. After all, their only real exposure to social media is the plethora of celebrity slip-ups and consumer nightmares they've read about in the press. Of course, you know the benefits of social media, and it frustrates you that your cries for a simple, uncomplicated approach to the medium fall on deaf ears...

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How B2B marketing campaigns can make use of bespoke photography

Posted by Joanne Marchington 15-Apr-2011 10:56:00

Is your literature and website full of the same dreary old images as every other B2B company? At first image libraries seem like such a good idea. Loads of photographs of business people brainstorming, mobile working, team building and never a five o clock shadow or a creased garment in sight. And so what if they all look like they are ‘out of Des Moines USA’?

Your customers and prospects may not know that you have pulled an image off the web or even what a picture library is – unless, as increasingly happens, they see the same smiling faces on your competitor’s brochure or website – but most people do sense that there is something slightly ‘make do’ about what they are looking at. And that doesn’t help to give them confidence that yours is the kind of company that they should be dealing with.

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B2B Marketing Awards - Axon Garside wins Grand Prix

Posted by Ian Guiver 29-Nov-2010 10:49:00

On top of our success in winning the best Brand Campaign of 2010 at this year’s B2B Awards on Thursday night, the judges named axongarside’s My Genius for Maginus as the campaign of the year beating off stiff competition from some enormous brands like Cisco, Fujitsu, Lloyds Bank, OKI, Oracle and TNT amongst others.

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