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5 common mistakes in cloud content marketing

Posted by Jack Williams 31-Oct-2016 08:30:00

Most tech companies now use content like blogs and guides to market their cloud services, but not all of them do it successfully. Here’s are some of their most common mistakes.

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Take it from an agency: inbound marketing might not work for you

Posted by Jack Williams 07-Oct-2016 14:42:59

As an inbound marketing agency, we have quickly come to realise that inbound doesn’t work for everyone. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, there are a number of considerations and commitments every organisation needs to make when signing up to any form of long-term marketing plan, and inbound is no exception.

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Why Inbound Marketing Belongs in every B2B Marketing Strategy

Posted by George Linley 08-Dec-2015 13:19:23

In a B2B marketing strategy, the sales cycle is longer, buyers have many more factors influencing their decisions and most importantly, are not ready to buy straight away. With B2B services and products not typically bought off the page, buyers need to be nurtured before they buy – which can only be achieved by using the principles of inbound marketing. 

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Creating an Effective Persona for your Content Marketing Strategy

Posted by George Linley 20-Nov-2015 11:11:12

We’ve previously discussed the reasons why you need a buyer persona and how they form the foundation of a strong content marketing strategy. There’s just one question left to answer and a rather important one at that: 

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How to Create Customers Online: Building your B2B Sales Pipeline

Posted by George Linley 28-Sep-2015 10:00:00

In the formative years of the internet, a brochure style website was sufficient in achieving a company’s marketing goals. Back in the early 2000s, company websites were still perceived as a novelty and had a limited impact in the B2B sales pipeline. It was rare for a buyer to undergo serious research online – instead they relied on traditional marketing methods such as magazine ads, trade shows and sales calls. As long as a website was well designed, offered basic contact information and was aesthetically pleasing, visitors were happy.

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Cisco's Storytelling Humanises its Technology Marketing Strategy

Posted by George Linley 12-Aug-2015 11:06:05

After years practising the same product-driven approach to marketing, 97% of CMOs now believe that marketing must do things it hasn’t done ever before to be successful. ‘Storytelling’ can achieve the most difficult, yet rewarding goal in a B2B technology marketing strategy: humanise your brand. 

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Inspire your Audience with an Innovative B2B Marketing Strategy

Posted by George Linley 07-Aug-2015 10:18:00

We can almost guarantee that every piece of B2B marketing content you read online will highlight how:

1. Content marketing is essential to your business in the digital age.
2. Everyone is already using content marketing.

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Optimise your Content Marketing Strategy: The Best and Worst Times to Post

Posted by George Linley 15-Jul-2015 09:42:00

Be it blogs, social media posts or email marketing, publishing content can sometimes feel like stepping into an abyss - praying that someone, somewhere, will actually read the work you’ve spent tireless hours crafting like this! However, there is a science - as well as an art - to gaining an established readership and timing is a key component of a successful B2B content marketing strategy.

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The 3 Most Important Rules of SaaS Marketing

Posted by George Linley 29-Jun-2015 12:51:00

42% of IT decision makers plan to increase spending on cloud computing this year, while the industry is set to be worth $32.8 billion by 2016 - equating to a 142% increase since 2011. 

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