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8 SaaS Marketing Twitter Accounts you Should Follow

Posted by Matt Duxbury 11-Sep-2015 12:45:24

SaaS marketing is typically complex in nature. According to Hubspot, 84% of marketers use social media in some form, yet some struggle to effectively humanise their brand and translate their service for a social media audience. However, help is at hand! For those of you who are looking for some inspiration, or simply want to stay ahead of the latest SaaS trends, we’ve handpicked our top SaaS Twitter accounts you must follow! 

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Why B2B Lead Generation should begin with LinkedIn

Posted by George Linley 25-Aug-2015 17:08:38

Are you under the impression that LinkedIn is only for jobseekers and recruiters? You may be surprised to learn that 65% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn. Furthermore, LinkedIn drives more traffic to B2B blogs and websites than any other social network. 

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How to Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Posted by George Linley 17-Jul-2015 09:52:00

Social media is transforming the way businesses interact with prospects. B2B marketers are quickly adopting social media into their marketing plans, with 84% using social media in some form. However, new platforms bring new challenges. The very nature of B2B can sometimes be difficult to translate to a social format – where humanisation and personal interactions are key. A common trap that some B2B marketers fall into is viewing social media as yet another promotional tool – churning out blatant sales pitches without a second thought. This approach in most instances doesn’t work, explaining why more than half of B2B marketers struggle to prove the ROI generated from social media marketing.

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Optimise your Content Marketing Strategy: The Best and Worst Times to Post

Posted by George Linley 15-Jul-2015 09:42:00

Be it blogs, social media posts or email marketing, publishing content can sometimes feel like stepping into an abyss - praying that someone, somewhere, will actually read the work you’ve spent tireless hours crafting like this! However, there is a science - as well as an art - to gaining an established readership and timing is a key component of a successful B2B content marketing strategy.

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Our Pick of the Best B2B Social Media Marketing Channels

Posted by George Linley 12-Jun-2015 09:28:00

Before social media marketing, it was impossible to build relationships between businesses and clients in a public online space. Social media has changed this, enabling businesses to showcase their brand’s personality and humanity, which simply isn’t possible with traditional forms of marketing.

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