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24 little-known trigger events for generating sales leads

Posted by Jack Williams 22-Jul-2016 17:02:02

If I was to offer you a 3-course meal after you had just eaten, you’d probably refuse it. However, if I was to offer you the same meal when you were extremely hungry, you’d more than likely accept. And scoff it down.

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HubSpot COS: The CMS for designers and programmers

Posted by Paul Marshall 19-Jul-2016 10:26:15

If you're anything like many of the clients that we take on, you have started with Wordpress and added plug-ins as required. When considering moving to a platform like Hubspot designed with inbound marketing in mind, some still fear leaving behind Wordpress. After all, the great thing about WordPress is it’s open source. The template system is so straightforward, there’s tens of thousands of designers and developers all over the world who can work on your site, changing and adding functionality to it. Moving to a proprietary system like HubSpot COS compared to the functionality of Wordpress seems like madness surely?

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How to prioritise leads and increase sales productivity

Posted by Jack Williams 15-Jul-2016 11:18:05

When a salesperson gets a lead - whether it’s an inbound lead, a referral, or one they sourced themselves - they have to prioritise it against the other opportunities they’re working on. And this can be a challenge. While one lead might look great on paper, another could ultimately prove to be the better-quality lead.

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Why your content marketing is failing - and how to fix it.

Posted by Dan Hanks 11-Jul-2016 12:00:13

If your B2B content marketing doesn’t seem to be doing anything positive for your business, you’re not alone – according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 survey, a whopping 62% felt their content marketing was ineffective.

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Tips to measuring the ROI of your B2B content marketing

Posted by Dan Hanks 06-Jul-2016 14:01:09

The Content Marketing Institute recently reported that 66% of respondents to its annual survey intended to spend more on content marketing in 2016. Amazingly, 61% also reported that ROI measurement of that content was their biggest challenge.

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6 Need-to-Know Lessons from the Law Practice Management Conference

Posted by Aisha Farndon 01-Jul-2016 17:06:57

I set off to the Law Practice Management Conference ran by Salford Professional Development on Wednesday to learn more about the challenges and pains those in legal practice are facing.

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What content types do you need in your B2B content marketing strategy?

Posted by Dan Hanks 22-Jun-2016 17:06:05

If If you’re struggling to understand the difference between the types of content usually employed in a B2B content marketing strategy—and when to use them—you’re not alone. A consultancy in America recently put out a piece that listed a whopping great 105 types of content we marketers can use to fill up our content calendars.

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Is Inbound Marketing right for my business?

Posted by Jack Williams 20-Jun-2016 12:54:34

“The proven methodology of the digital age."

Since 2006, inbound marketing has increasingly proved to be the most effective marketing method for online business growth. Instead of the old outbound marketing methods of buying email lists, buying ads, and hoping for leads, inbound marketing draws on creating quality content that attracts people to your company and product, where they naturally want to be. By matching the content you publish with your prospective customer’s interests, you can naturally generate inbound traffic that you can then convert into a lead, and nurture over time, until they are ready to be sold to.

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5 curation tools that can help with your B2B content marketing

Posted by Dan Hanks 10-Jun-2016 14:41:12

One of the biggest obstacles to finding success with B2B content marketing is the need to produce and share high-quality content on a regular basis.

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Content marketing vs inbound marketing: What’s the difference?

Posted by Ian Guiver 07-Jun-2016 14:27:08

If you don’t understand the difference between content marketing and inbound marketing, don’t worry - you’re not alone. Copy the two terms into Google, and you’ll see all the signs of a well-worn debate with little in the way of consensus (and perhaps a hint of self-interest from some parties, too).

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